Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hurray for May

May has always been my favorite month. It might be because I associate it with the end of school. But I also like the weather and of course now I get to celebrate Mother's Day. 

Leo has so many end-of-the-school year/Mother's Day activities that my normally somewhat quiet Tuesdays and Thursdays are packed. There's "Muffins with Mom" this week, a park field trip next week and a school carnival on the last day, May 23rd. I have loved his teachers so much that I get teary-eyed when I read the list of all this stuff, knowing it's almost the end. (The tears are also partly caused by the fact that we will have a long, hot preschool-less summer coming soon.) 

Here is his cute, sweet Dove class. I hope that Ms. Desiree (left) and Ms. Laura (right) will still be teaching the Doves class in 2015-2016 when Gus is eligible. 

And speaking of Mother's Day, Leo is constantly talking about all the surprises he has in store for me. They all seem to involve waking me up early. Here was a pre-Mother's Day gift he created, a picture of me: 

I've gone a little activity-crazy so Leo is currently doing soccer (ends this Saturday), t-ball, gymnastics and swimming.  Gus was so sad the first day of swimming because he couldn't get in the pool that I signed the two of us up for a mommy and me class. It's at the same time as Leo's big kid class. They are both doing great in the pool! I've got to get some pictures in their matching bathing suits. 

Today after swim lessons they got haircuts. Leo always looks a little younger and Gus looks a little older after. But Leo got to do a big-kid thing and play video games while they styled his hair! 

Our traditional picture of posing with the shark:

Gus spontaneously hugged him!

And check this out: Here's Gus flirting with Leo's female teammates during t-ball practice. He was saying, "I Gus." They were giggling like he was SO funny. 


Granny Jo said...

Enjoy all the mommy fun! They grow up way too fast.

GR said...

Leo will have to be careful in the future when he brings a date over. Gus will try to move in on her.