Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bend it Like Leo

I guess all that World Cup hype got to Leo because he is ready to play soccer. I mean, just look at him:


He’s got the soccer ball, the water bottle (with soccer and other balls on it), soccer balls on his socks and a sweat band. (Okay, it’s really Granny Jo’s headband which he insists on wearing but we’ll tell Daddy it’s a soccer sweat band).




Action shot! 



Playing soccer with Granny Jo:


I just hope he doesn’t marry a Spice Girl.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Haircut + Hysterical Laughing


These two events having nothing to do with each other. However, I wanted to show you some cute pictures of Leo with his new haircut (his third!) and a video of John and Leo laughing when they were in Columbus at John’s Grandparents’ house last weekend. Oh, and anytime I can use alliteration in the title, I figure it works.








Monday, July 12, 2010

Leo says the darndest things




This morning I was changing Leo’s diaper and he was holding two of his trains—Percy and Christmas Percy. He was just chatting away and he said, “Percy and Christmas Percy get diaper changed. No. They don’t put diapers on the wheels. They get peed on.”


Another one from this morning:

Me: Leo, did you watch soccer yesterday?

Leo: YES!

Me: Who won?

Leo: I don’t know. (He says this all the time; it’s sometimes preceded by “I say…”)

Me: Was it the Netherlands?

Leo: Noooo

Me: Was it Spain?

Leo: Yes. Spain won, Mommy. Who won the basketball game? The circus!

Me: The circus? Who did the circus play? The zoo?

Leo: Noooo. The Lakers! 

Me: Oh, you meant the Celtics!

Leo: The Celtics.

Me: Who won that basketball game?

Leo: I don’t know.

Me: Yes, you do. Who won? The Celtics or the Lakers?

Leo: The Lakers!!


From a few weeks ago:

Me: “Where is Christmas Percy?”

Leo: “Maybe ask Percy!”

(I love how that not only makes sense but that he uses the word ‘maybe.’)


If we’re at a store and he wants to leave, he says, “I don’t like this store!” We were at HomeGoods and he said that. I said, “Really? Because I was just thinking that I like this store a lot!” When we got up to checkout, he stood on his tippy toes and got his chin right up to the counter so he could tell the lady, “I don’t like this store!”

In fact, he says he doesn’t like a lot of things:

“I don’t like the sun.”

“I don’t like Rah Rah’s show.” (The news)

“I don’t like Mac N Cheese.” (A lie.)

“It’s no big deal” is what he says when things go wrong: trains fall off tracks, he misses a basketball shot, etc. But he says it as he’s screaming or crying, “IT’S NO BIG DEAL!” (hence making it a really big deal).


Last night I said, “How is your ice cream?” He said, “It’s good. It’s cold.”



He likes to tell  us what to say:

Leo: Mommy say who says choo choo

Me: Who says choo choo?

Leo: Thomas!


He’s also into that stage where he wants us to “watch” everything he does.

“Watch this!” he says. And when we say, “Okay, we’re watching,” he does some crazy little dance. This weekend in the pool he said, “Watch this” and he would jump off a step. I guess after the 100th time I forgot to praise him so he said, “Mommy say ‘Good job doing that!’”


I should point out that he doesn’t say all these things totally clearly but we can understand 95% of what he says. But   here’s something I don’t understand at all: “Tee tee tot. Alsa Fwank.” And then he laughs hysterically. We now get that “Alsa Fwank” is “Elsa Frank” but we don’t know why he says “Tee tee tot” before it.


He LOVES to pretend, especially with his Little People. He puts them on the school bus and says they’re going to various places like Babies R Us (which is a rug in our kitchen). They’re always buying a football there. This morning he was pretending that he was giving Ernie (from Sesame Street) a ticket to get on a train. He makes up this whole story and dances around, saying, “Here is your ticket, Ernie!” Oh, and Ernie is his own shadow. He also loves his shadow and yesterday, tried to hug it. Right now he’s skipping around singing, “Go see my shadow!” And now, “Look at my shadow! Look, the shadow’s clapping.”


Here are a couple of videos of him playing with his shadow:

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Heat Wave

This hot weather can’t slow Leo down. This past week he played all kinds of sports with Grandpa Ron, got patriotic, chased his friends, hugged John some more, splashed around in the sprayground, enjoyed lollipops with Aiden and finally--when it got really hot--took off al his clothes and lounged around on the couch in front of the TV.  


IMG_1980 IMG_1985 IMG_1996 IMG_1998 IMG_1999 IMG_2002 IMG_2003 IMG_2005 IMG_2011 IMG_2012 IMG_2015 IMG_2022 IMG_2023 IMG_2027 IMG_2030

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Aggressively Affectionate

Leo likes to hug. A lot. And sometimes he hugs his friends so hard that they both fall over, bump their heads and scream. The other day he was hugging John so roughly that I had to put him in a time-out. “A time-out for hugging?” Frank asked. Hey, it’s better than a law suit!

I’ve labeled this behavior “aggressively affectionate.” Now we are working on learning the difference between “hugging rough” and “hugging gently.”

Before this video was taken, Leo had hugged John to the floor. Then, after I pulled him off of John, he came running at him for more:



This video below doesn’t show any aggressive affection, just a couple of CRAZY two-year-olds!