Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hanging with the Big Boys

When it comes to playing, Gus is sort of advanced. That's because he has a big brother to watch and imitate. Gus wants to play with Leo and his friends so badly. Too bad Leo always says, "Pick up him!" whenever Gus gets near his toys. He's even more interested in Leo's toys than his own.
Here are some examples of all the big boy things Gus can do at the young age of nine months:

Swinging with Pascal:

Chilling with Pascal and Tyler:

Escaping because...
...he's gotta climb the rock wall!

Getting a push from Etienne:

Acting silly with Leo:

More acting silly with Leo and taking the lead!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pajama Party

It hadn't occurred to me to match the boys. I think because Gus was always wearing onesies and Leo would have objected to snaps in his crotch. Also, most of Gus' clothes were once Leo's so it's not like we were gonna buy new clothes for both of them.

Enter Grandmother.

We went to Carter's while she was visiting and she made out like a bandit for grandparent discount day. (Wednesdays, btw). Included in the lot were two sets of matching dinosaur pajamas that say "T Rex Racing." (Leo's choice.)

We dressed G and L in them and then attempted to take pics. Frank kept saying, "Gus is the instigator!" Enjoy.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gus has been here nine months

Goose, Gus-Gus, Mus, Gussy, Gusaloo...after nine months a person can get lots of nick names. (We only hear "August" at the doctor's office though.)

I'd say the theme of the last month has been "Gus on the move." He's just so busy, getting around and getting into everything. He crawls super fast and he's even starting to try to climb
the stairs. (He can get up one step.)

As of yesterday, he can even pull up! I saw him pull up on the bath tub but grandmother said he had already pulled up on the couch. Frank had to lower his crib mattress or we would have had the youngest escapee. He's so active that I think he's losing weight (or at least not growing as rapidly as he once was). He's starting to lose that baby fat which is sad but it's also fun to see what his face really looks like underneath all the chub.

Gus' other trick is growing teeth. He's got FIVE--two on the bottom and three on the top. He wants to bite on everything and I mean everything. (Starting to rethink this whole "breastfeeding till their one" idea.)

Now let's talk about Gus' favorite subject: food. He likes everything we put in front of him and now enjoys three meals a day in his high chair. He still eats purees along with his finger food but he always steals the spoon from me, making it a messy battle. When I opened the pantry the other day while holding Gus, the kid practically hyperventialated at the sight of all the Cheerios.

He's an excellent sleeper. I think I have his thumb and blanket to thank for that. He just sucks that thumb and holds his soft blankie and goes to sleep. Most importantly, he stays that way!

He's still very good natured, so content to just sit and watch every
one. He also smiles and laughs really easily. Exceptions: when we put him in his car seat and when a meal is over.

It's fun to see him start to take an interest in toys. Now we have to have a supply of them at the ready. He likes balls, teething toys and recently
has taken an interest in soft blocks. If he had his way he'd prefer to play with cords and shoes. His favorite playmate is his big brother Leo. Although the feeling is not always mutual.

We love you, Gus! Happy nine months!