Sunday, May 19, 2013

Colorblind Leo

I'm not sure at what age kids typically start to ask about why people have different skin colors, but Leo has not seemed to notice yet. We are so prepared for it, though, that we've had a couple of false alarms lately. 

Last week Leo put his baseball cap on backyards and said: 

"I'm a back person!" 
"What?"  I asked. 
"I'm like a back person!" 
"Why do you say that, Leo?" 
"Because I have my hat on backwards so I'm a back person." 

Relieved was I because I did not think he was saying back. 

Then Saturday after t-ball Leo and Gus went to the YMCA play center while Frank and I worked out. Afterwards Leo said, "I made a friend!" And apparently this friend was a t-ball team too. Leo added, "And he was white! My friend was white!" Frank and I exchanged a look and then Frank put it together: "Oh, he was on the white t-ball team!" 

Here are a couple of recent pics of our almost politically incorrect son: 


Granny Jo said...

Never a dull moment with Leo!

GR said...

So Leo is wearing his cap backwards and hanging out with other little dudes. All he needs is a skateboard to become a typical American kid.