Thursday, December 31, 2009

Leo's been here 20 months

We had to take pics of Leo over two days because he’s very uncooperative in his chair. Plus, our camera finally gave out after 20 months of constant use.

Leo’s strongest skill is still talking. He’s surprising us every day with the words he knows. Like the other day I was using dumbbells and he said, “Exercise!” I don’t remember even saying that word to him. It IS in his “Going to Bed Book” so maybe that’s where he learned it. He also recently learned to say "Granny Jo." It sounds like "Ganny Doh." Sometimes it's just "Doh Doh."

He’s putting a lot of words together but mostly they are commands—which makes him sound a bit bossy: “Mama, get” or “Dada, clean” or “Nuh-no, Sit” or “Mama, cook.”

Speaking of cooking, he thinks I’m cooking whenever I do anything in the kitchen. Even if I’m opening a jar of baby food he says, “Mama cook!” And then he often likes to “cook” too by stirring something in a pot.

He’s quite a singer too. We know exactly what song he wants us to sing because he can hum the tune or sing a few of the words. He sings E-I-E-I-O very clearly. Ooh, I just got a video of it:

He’s really good with names. We only have to introduce him to someone once or twice and he knows their name. Also, he knows who goes with whom. So if we say, “David,” he says, “Lah-rah!” He might make a good politician.

Leo speaks in the third person: "Leo out," "Leo down," "Bye bye, Leo," "Night Night, Leo."

He's very clear about what he wants to do. When we were in Colorado for Christmas and he got tired of the sled (which he calls the "snow slide") he said, "Bye bye, Snow Slide. Baby Ah-yee's house." That of course, meant, "I don't want to snow slide anymore. Let's go back to baby Ellie's house."
He's constantly asking to go outside in the backyard to play basketball. "Ow-sigh! Ow-sigh! Bah-ball!" he says, over and over again. Yesterday I said, "Leo, it's too cold to go outside." He said, "Jah-ket!" and ran to the coat closet.

He can read his name. I think. Whenever I point to something that says "Leo," and say, "What does this say?" He says "Ee-oh." The reason I'm not totally sure is that sometimes I ask him what other things say and he says "Ee-oh."

He loves to say "Teh-as Bite" for "Texas Fight." He says this about anything burnt orange.

He's still crazy about balls--football, basketball...and we've made up some of our own games like "double ball." That's where we each have a ball and we throw it towards each other. As we do this we say, "Double ball!"

It's not all talking and ball-playing, though. There are melt downs and tantrums and typical toddler craziness. When he deliberately disobeys we put him in time out. He thinks it's fun, though, and puts himself in time out. He calls it "Hide Out!"
And speaking of hiding, he loves to hide in our closet behind Frank's shirts. He says, "Leo hide," goes behind the shirts and then comes out screaming, "Dah!" He always puts his hands over his mouth when he does this. He also likes for Frank and me to hide.
He bumps his head all the time. In fact, he just bumped it right now on his gate in the playroom so I need to go comfort him. I should add "experience in kissing boo boos" to my resume.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Swing Batter Batter

Leo loves his t-ball set that he got from Granny Jo. We keep it in the garage so everytime we drive up he says, "T BALL!" Then he grabs all the stuff and brings it on the front lawn. He's pretty good at it, except when he knocks down the tee. He'll say, "Not Tee!" because that's what I say when he does it: "Hit the ball, not the tee!" And then I think, if he's 19 months and I'm saying this, what am I going to do when he actually plays? I'm gonna be one of those crazy, screaming bleacher moms. I just know it.

Here are some shots and videos of our little batter:

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bouncing on the Beeg Ball

I was sitting on the stability ball (the "beeg ball") while Leo was playing and he said, "Ee-oh Sit." I said, "Oh, no, Leo. This ball is too big for you." But he kept insisting so I finally held him on it. Oh, the fun he had on the beeg ball! I grabbed the camera for a couple of videos. The first one has bonus footage of our afternoon school bus stalking + a few family shout-outs!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Christmastime at Leo's House

Leo knows where he lives. He calls it "Leo's House" (although it sounds more like "Ee-oh's Howse"). He doesn't quite know what Christmas is all about though. He seems to like the tree, the music and moving the snowflake every day.

Here are a few shots from Tuesday at "Leo's House" when Leo received a Christmas gift from mom and dad (I know it's not Christmas yet but come on, the kid doesn't know!) and his best friend John came to play.

Sitting in John's lap (not that there's anything wrong with that)

John, playing with the "scuba."

Sitting on their bottoms (just as I instructed them to do).

Sitting closer (they take directions very literally).

I got them to look up and point by saying, "Where's Ms. Elsa?" Even Leo knew who that was!

I said, "Boys, these are paint brushes" and they both started brushing their hair!

When I first asked Leo what his chair said, he answered, "Texas Bite." I said, "Good guess. Try again." And then he said, "Ee-oh."

Can I get down and play some football?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Santa Sighting

Leo likes Santa in books. He knows that he says, "Ho, ho ho." But seeing him in person at the YMCA was a whole different experience.

"Cookies with Santa! Sounds like fun!"

"I don't have to sit on his lap, do I?"

"Yes, you do! You will sit on this old, fat man's lap and tell him what you want for Christmas. It's a tradition!!"

"Okay, fine. A compromise. The whole family will snuggle up to the old dude."

"Bye bye, Santa."

"I just want to play with my football."

"Night night, Scuba."
(Notice how he's put everything to bed--the little people, the school bus, the choo choo train and himself.)
(Also, I know he looks like Michael Jackson with white socks and black shoes. I will get him some darker socks before Christmas. Please don't mail him any.)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Leo loves to practice dribbling. And I'm not JUST talking about the drool coming out of his mouth!

Friday, December 4, 2009

New Do

When I was little, my sister used to try to persuade me to let her do crazy things to my hair by saying, "I can do wonders!" I couldn't wait to have a daughter so I, too, could do wonders to her hair.

But why should only moms of daughters have fun? Here's a new look I tried on Leo. What do you think? Did I do wonders?