Friday, October 26, 2012

October Smorgasbord

Yikes! I haven't posted lately and I have lots of pics to share. They don't really fall into one theme so please enjoy this buffet of October photos: 

Fun at the pumpkin patch: 

Carving a Jack O Lantern. Leo was so excited about this that his nose bled:

Testing out the Jack O Lantern in the pantry:

Gus having his first lollipop after his 15 month checkup at the doctor's office:

The boys in the cart at Costco. "Why are there Christmas decorations?" Leo asked. "Good question," I answered.

Just hanging in front of our house:

Playing with cousin Ellie a few days after her third birthday. Leo was so excited to play with Ellie that he got another nose bleed on the way to her house! And if his love for her wasn't evident enough by THAT, then notice how he is wearing a crown and holding a doll!

Gus and Charlie: Cousin Buddies!

Leo and Ellie playing in the baby bed:

Leo at Walgreen's after pajama day at his school.

And here is Gus, telling us that he's ready for bed at 6:00.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Mr. Clean

Gus is a man of few words but he understands lots! Watch how well he listens to me at clean-up time. This will surely last his entire childhood, right? 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A nap time debacle

Gus had been sleeping for maybe 20 minutes when I went upstairs to check on him (monitor in the shop). Leo was in his relax time but I heard so much movement in Gus' room I thought Leo was in there (something he did last week). I went in Leo's room and he was there so I said, "Oh, good. I thought you were in Gus' room. Sorry."  

Then I went into Gus' room to see what all the noise was and found THIS! 

Gus only sleeps with his blanket--not books, toys, balls and every stuffed animal he owns! I first thought Gus did it but that was impossible. And when I saw that the bathroom door to Gus' room was ajar and Leo had a smirk on his face, I didn't need anymore evidence. Now I am just trying to think of a suitable punishment for Leo, the nap robber!

Note: Leo thought up a punishment for himself: no candy until Friday. I added to that "no show after relax time" and "go to bed early because Gus will have to go to bed early tonight." 
He did not take it well. 

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Crash Course in Ring Stacking

I think Leo got the stacking rings thing down when he was about nine months old. I blame Gus' delay in stacking on my own neglect. I just haven't worked with him on this skill a lot. But before bed time the other night, I put in the time and effort. Gotta make sure this boy has more than just his good looks going for him!