Monday, March 30, 2009

Leo's been here eleven months

And it is impossible to take a picture of him sitting still and smiling in a chair that rocks. Here is my evidence:

Here is what Leo is into at 9/10th of a year! (Is that the right fraction?)

-Saying “All Done,” “Milk” and most recently “More” in baby sign language
-Saying “Da” for everything—especially balls
-Playing with balls
-Crawling around with one leg kinda dragging behind him while carrying a toy
-Trying to stand up without holding onto stuff; kinda looks like he’s proposing
-Getting the giggles (as you can see in this video)
-Cheerios—he would go on an all Cheerios diet if we would let him
-His Leo CD; he dances and shakes his head when it comes on
-Riding on daddy’s shoulders and eating his head
-Patting his own head
-Clapping when we say “yea” or sing “Pat-a-Cake”
-Playing peekaboo (but now he initiates it and holds up the blanket himself)!

He is NOT into:
-getting his nose wiped
-people not paying attention to him
-getting his diaper changed

One more month of babydom and I think I have to call this baby a TODDLER. Yikes!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Waking up happy

When Leo doesn't nap well, we're both cranky. Here he is after a good one:

Monday, March 23, 2009

Guys Gone Wild

Leo had fun with his boys this weekend.

Hanging out topless with daddy:

Going for a stroll with John:

Sharing his plastic rings:

Getting a lift from John's daddy, Mr. Josh:

Peeking through the window with the other boys while the women folk prepare the food:

Just being smiley:

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Tanning and Texting

Leo said he's tired of being the palest baby on the block so we went outside for a little sun. (Don't tell him that the lotion I spread all over him was 50 SPF).

While we were "sunbathing" he decided to send a text to his buddy John:

Leo: Hey, dude. The weather is awesome here. How is it over there?

John: It's pretty nice on our end of the street too.

Leo: My mom's making me wear this dorky hat. I keep trying to take it off.

John: My mom does the same thing to me!

Leo: Ooh, I just got the hat off. My mom doesn't even notice. My head is gonna be so tan!

John: Good job, man!
Leo: Darn. She got it back on me. But I don't care because I put the ring on the ring tower and now I'm clapping for myself.

John: I'm clapping for you too, dude. Enjoy your day!

Monday, March 9, 2009

What does the lion say?

He says, "Leo's outfit from Tia Kristin is so cute! And it's finally warm enough to go pantless!" Oh, and also, "ROARRRRR"

Friday, March 6, 2009

Show Off

Leo's Granny Jo is here this week so he has been showing her all his tricks. The biggest one is that he has stood up by himself a few times but it only lasts a few seconds so no photos yet. Here are some of his secondary talents:

Playing keyboards for U2:

Climbing in a bucket:

Showing his buddy John the coolest part of our house:

Dusting off John's clothes:

Skyping with Great Aunt Marilyn:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Leo's been here ten months

If I thought trying to get a ninth month old to sit still for a picture was tough, that’s only because I hadn’t tried it with a ten month old. We are very lucky there were no serious head injuries in the making of these pictures or video:

Here’s what Leo’s into:
-He's especially into things he’s not supposed to be into like the entertainment center, the refrigerator, the dishwasher...
-In fact, he really just likes doors in general—opening them, closing them, repeating this over and over
-Waving bye bye backwards (and sometimes forwards if you’re lucky)
-Pulling up on everything—furniture but also people--even other babies -
-He hates having his diaper changed and getting his pants put on him
-He also doesn’t like to wear hats so it’s good it’s about to get warmer
-laughing when we zurbert his belly
-riding on daddy’s shoulders
-playing with daddy’s guitar
-clapping his hands when I sing “patty cake.”
-balls—especially his football (Grandpa Ron will be so proud!)
-books (another thing to make Grandpa Ron proud)!
-he's not into mommy being on the computer when he wants attention so I gotta go!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is Leo's house

I say that to Leo in the morning when we watch the Today show and they say, "But first, this is Today on NBC." And we always look out the back door.

Today the view looked way different though!