Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Boy Crazy

The Fagan Boys (Charlie, Colman and Theo) came to visit last week. We like to thank that "Baby Charlie" (now seven) just missed us and told his brothers how great we were. The truth is, it was LegoLand that inspired their journey from San Antonio. We had fun with these sweet boys and it gave me an idea of what it would be like to have five guys! 

 It didn't seem too hard...but maybe cause there were two boy mamas on duty!

Watch out, Fagans, we are coming to San Antonio next!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Don't be a pain in the boat

Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Bill were nice enough (or brave enough) to let us come out on their boat. It was Gus' first boating experience. A man of the sea he is not. But after lots of crying and screaming he proved he was a man of the sleep: 

Leo (a veteran on what was maybe his second boating experience), was comfortable on the boat. Here he is hanging out on the "plank" with cousin Billy.

Cousins Frank and Bill (I know; lots of Bills!) noodling around.

Here is the nanny we hired. I mean Tia!

Every time Leo got in the lake, he announced he needed to go to the bathroom. Luckily, Kathleen and Bill have a potty on their boat because what he needed to do required facilities. No one had ever done that in their boat potty before until Leo did it...twice!

Gus during a brief happy spell

Two of the three Bills

Leo said the boys could sit at the front and the "gwirls" could sit at the back

Captain Leo!

Sleepy Gus

Boating makes you hungry for Goldfish!

Gus doing his "All Done" sign:

After the screaming from Gus and the bathroom christening by Leo, we're not sure we will be invited back. Good thing we have these pictures!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Leo Says the Darndest Things: Part XVIXXVVI

It has been about 18 months since I've posted a "Leo Says the Darndest Things." I've been scribbling things down on Post-Its (or really, these Post-It knock offs that have adhesive on two sides. Weird). So now I think I have enough to share:

A gross darndest thing: 
Leo, age 4 years and 2 months, came into my office after his "relax time" in his room. He said, "May I sit in your lap?" (Leo always says "may," never "can.") "Yes," I told him. "How was your relax time?" And as he's getting comfortable in my lap and I'm thinking how sweet this all is, he says, "Good. I pooped in my pants."

After we cleaned up the poop incident he said he needed to go pee. When he came out of the bathroom he said, "I have bad news and I have good news. Which do you want to hear first?" (And although that statement/question was the funny part I should tell you that the good news was that he peed in the potty, rather than his pants, but the bad news was that his aim was off and some of it landed on the floor.)

A sweet darndest thing: 
"I wish there were two Guses," Leo said. "Why?" I asked. "Because I like to play with him so much. It would be great if there were two of him."
And another sweet one about Gus:
Leo told a lady at swim lessons, "This is my baby brother, Gus!" The lady said, "I bet you love him." Leo said, "I love him more than you even think I do."

Two funny word confusion darndest things: 
"I know what they call doctors who take care of animals. Vegetarians!"

"What would happen if a volcano interrupted?"

A funny/smart darndest thing: 
Leo was playing with a big ball this morning and calling it a piñata. He said, "When you hit a regular piñata the candy falls out but in this case, the candy comes shooting out."
IN THIS CASE? Are you kidding me?

If only he didn't cry because his cheese cube that he wasn't eating anyway fell on the ground, then I'd say he was four going on 40.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pictures are always better set to music

Especially when the music is Bon Jovi! 

Here is a video of Claire and John's visit from Atlanta (Roswell) to Dallas (Frisco). It's been two months since we've seen our friends but of course it was like no time had passed. Claire and I never stopped chatting and Leo and John never stopped playing, fighting and wrestling. 
As Leo noted, Frank and Gus were "sad because Tyler and Mr. Josh weren't there." But as you'll see, they made do with Claire and John!