Sunday, September 30, 2012

Thick as Thieves

Leo told Frank that he can't wait until Gus is four so that they can have even more fun playing together. Of course Frank had to quickly do the math and explain that Leo would be seven by then. But they are having plenty of fun playing together now (when Leo's not taking toys he's deemed too "special" away from Gus, "accidentally" smacking him with something or stealing Gus' precious blanket).

At the YMCA Play Center Frank said every time he walked by he saw Leo just following Gus around. And at the church nursery, Leo would only enter if Gus was going too. When I peeked I saw them sitting next to each other.

And then tonight Gus was sitting in his high chair having a snack and Leo asked if he too could have a fruit bar. When I gave it to him I said he could eat it anywhere in the kitchen and he pulled his little chair up right next to Gus because he wanted to sit next to him. Aw...

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Gus LOVES being able to walk down the street. He would never stop!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Leo Goes to School

It's been a long, hot, school-less summer. And to add insult to injury, the preschool we selected for Leo didn't start until today--9-13! But it was worth the wait. So far, St. Francis' Little Friends Kids Day Out seems like a good fit for Leo. The teachers are so warm; they hugged him when he got there and when he left.

As part of the drop-off routine in the "Doves" class, parents have to read the "question of the day" to their kids and then the kids graph their answers using a magnet with their name on it. The question today was "Are you excited to be here?" The choices were "Yes," "No," or "Not Sure."

Most kids had put "yes" and one had said "not sure." Leo immediately answered "not sure" so we moved his magnet there. I appreciated his honesty and if I can be honest too, I was glad he didn't say "no." I also thought this might earn him a little extra attention from the teachers.

So when I went to pick him up I asked him how he felt about that question now that he had spent the day at school. "At first I wasn't sure but now I'm happy to be here!" The teachers heard us talking and said, "Yes, he even moved his magnet!"

I was so happy I cried. And then I could feel myself crying and thought, "stop crying, you idiot" which made me cry even more. And then Leo was like, "Why are you crying, mommy?" The teachers had to explain that mommies cry because they're happy and it's silly but we do it.

Here are a couple more pics. One is Leo and his giant back pack and the other is at school with his nap mat.

They're really cute but try to hold back your tears.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Need for Speed

Last week--Gus' first full week of walking--he waved his arms around and moved at about .25 miles per hour. Now he's FAST!  Check out our speed demon! 

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Walking Man

This past week, while we were visiting family in Houston, Gus decided to become a walker. The first day he walked 40%, crawled 60%. Each day that walking percentage got higher until he got to his current state of 90% walking, 10% crawling. 
I think people stay that way for a long time. I mean, just today I was crawling on the floor to pick up Goldfish and clean poo poo. So I guess I'm 90/10 as well. 

Here is a phone video of him walking AND kicking a soccer ball.